These days nearly everyone carries a mobile phone and uses it to access more and more applications. This makes the mobile phone a natural choice for strong authentication solutions. Arcot offers the ArcotOTP secure passcode generator, a software application that runs on your mobile phone, so there is no need to carry additional authentication devices.

ArcotOTP supports multiple OTP algorithms including those specified by EMV (CAP/DPA) and OATH (HOTP/TOTP). The OTP algorithm can be selected based on the application. All of the OTP methods can be used on the same mobile phone supporting multiple accounts. Just as with traditional disconnected readers or OTP hardware tokens, no wireless or other connectivity is needed. This results in a solution that has a significantly lower cost of ownership with improved user experience that can be used to authenticate multiple cards and online accounts.

  • License: Commercial
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  • Last Updated: 11/04/2010