OWASP's Cyber Defense Matrix helps you manage your security program.

But, you need data to use it.

Without data, you can conduct compliance-based assessments that don't convey strategic aspects of tools and threats.

You'll look to the standards organizations for checklists to measure compliance. And, you'll say to your client or boss, "Based on my evaluation against the standards, I recommend you do these 1,000 tiny things to beef up very specific security issues. Then we can say our company is compliant with the standards."  This is not a security strategy.

You need data to organize a software portfolio to align against threats and to spot gaps.

You need data to say to your client or boss: "Based on industry, company size, technology investments, risks, architecture, and more, I recommend that you reduce your spending in these areas and instead spend more in those other areas. This is how we stay ahead of the cyber threats."

OWASP's Cyber Defense Matrix is one of the best frameworks for actionable security strategy.

You can measure the coverage of security controls, align them against threats and requirements, and manage your security program with data driven patterns.

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