Intel Accelerates AI Innovation with 3 New Intel Capital Investments (Intel Newsroom, Jun 14 2017)
Intel envisions artificial intelligence (AI) as the driver for the next big wave of computing that will transform the way businesses operate and how people engage in every aspect of life. …

Brainwashing Embedded Systems IoT Hack Lab Update (The State of Security, Jul 09 2017)
“I’ve been studying the security designs of various embedded devices for the past couple of years. This research has led me to uncover dozens of critical flaws in internet-connected devices ranging from enterprise NAS devices and access points to countless consumer products like wireless routers, home automation controllers, security cameras and more.”…

Leveraging AI To Maximize Cybersecurity ROI – Forbes (Forbes, Jul 10 2017)
The cost of cybersecurity is proportional to the square of the number of products required for adequate defense. This Cyber Law (you read it here first) means that the proliferation of types of cyberattacks and attackers leads to the proliferation of innovative security solutions……

Artificial Intelligence Will Make Forging Anything Entirely Too Easy (Wired, Jul 01 2017)
Opinion: The world of truth is about to be upended by AI technologies….

Symantec Bolsters Mobile Security With Skycure Acquisition (eWeek, Jul 13 2017)
Symantec makes its second acquisition in two weeks, adding critical mobile operating system security capabilities, including Apple iOS…including Mobile Active Protection that helps secure devices with real-time protection. Skycure’s platform also provides an on-demand app analysis capability called the Mobile App Reputation Service (MARS)….

The Future of Forgeries (Schneier on Security, Jul 10 2017)
This article argues that AI technologies will make image, audio, and video forgeries much easier in the future. Combined, the trajectory of cheap, high-quality media forgeries is worrying. At the current pace of progress, it may be as little as two or three years before realistic audio forgeries are good enough to fool the untrained ear, and only five or……

What is IoT? (Network World Security, Jul 14 2017)
The Internet of Things, at its simplest level, is smart devices – from refrigerators that warn you when you’re out of milk to industrial sensors – that are connected to the Internet so they can share data, but IoT is far from a simple challenge for IT departments. For many companies, it represents a vast influx of new devices, many of which are difficult to secure and manage. It’s comparable to the advent of BYOD, except the new gizmos are potentially more difficult to secure, aren’t all running one of three or four basic operating systems, and there are already more of them. A lot more, in fact – IDC research says that there are around 13 billion connected devices in use worldwide already, and that that number could expand to 30 billion within the next three years. (There were less than 4 billion smartphone subscriptions active around the world in Ericsson’s most recent Mobility Report.)…

Fraud and the Internet of Things (Network World Security, Jul 06 2017)
According to Gartner, the number of world-wide Internet connected devices will grow to 11.4 billion by 2018. It’s a phenomenal trend that will continue to spread until human and machine connectivity becomes ubiquitous and unavoidably present….

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