AI, IoT, & Mobile Security – The Week’s Best News – 2017.07.25

Agencies’ approach to IoT security highlights differences in cybersecurity approach (Federal News Radio, Jul 19 2017)
Despite recent White House efforts to bring some standardization to federal cybersecurity, agencies are still taking different paths to secure their systems and data. …

Forrester Wave Report: ThreatMetrix and the Revolution in Risk-Based User Authentication (ThreatMetrix, Jul 19 2017)
According to Forrester, RBA plays a key role in identity and access management (IAM) and risk mitigation of ATO attacks that result in up to $7 billion in annual losses….

US Army Researching Bot Swarms (Schneier on Security, Jul 24 2017)
The US Army Research Agency is funding research into autonomous bot swarms. From the announcement: The objective of this CRA is to perform enabling basic and applied research to extend the reach, situational awareness, and operational effectiveness of large heterogeneous teams of intelligent systems and Soldiers against dynamic threats in complex and contested environments and provide technical and operational superiority……

How hackers used a fish tank to breach a casino (Chicago Daily Herald, Jul 22 2017)
Fier said that with the recent FBI toy warning and the many ways by which hackers are trying to break into systems, he wouldn’t be surprised if the government eventually got involved in regulating IoT products…

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