AI, IoT, & Mobile Security – The Week’s Best News – 2017.08.01

How Google Shrunk The Android Attack Surface (Threatpost, Jul 31 2017)
Google’s top Android engineer describes how the attack surface is shrinking on the mobile operating system….

The Cloak & Dagger Attack That Bedeviled Android For Months (Wired, Jul 27 2017)
Not all Android attacks come from firmware mistakes….

Can we Trust “Black Box” Machine Learning when it comes to Security or is there a Better Way? (Gartner Blog, Jul 27 2017)
Machine learning is relatively new to security. It first went mainstream a few years ago in a few security domains such as UEBA, network traffic analytics and endpoint protection…

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What If Your IoT-Enabled Camera (DSLR) Had Security Protocols? (The State of Security, Jul 27 2017)
So, what has changed since then? How are hackers able to take direct control of your camera? Well, two words: wireless connectivity….

How a Smart Coffee Machine Infected a PLC Monitoring System with Ransomware (The State of Security, Jul 27 2017)
Once upon a time, operational technology (OT) enjoyed little-to-no connectivity with the web. Industrial system attack surfaces were quite small, with physical access acting as the overriding attack vector in many security incidents that did occur (including Stuxnet). It was a simpler time. …

How the IoT is helping people living with disability (Gemalto blog, Jul 27 2017)
IoT technology is making a social difference, bringing new opportunities to people with different abilities….

DHS makes mobile security a priority (FCW, Jul 27 2017)
Mobile security continues to be top priority for the Department of Homeland Security, which has multiple efforts underway to address threats to federal devices….

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