A Review of the Best News of the Week on Identity Mgt & Web Fraud

How to Evaluate a Possible Apple Face ID (Securosis Blog, Aug 03 2017)
“Apple accidentally released the firmware for their upcoming HomePod. Filled with references to other upcoming products and technologies, the firmware release makes it reasonably probable that Apple will release an updated iPhone without a Touch ID sensor, relying instead on facial recognition.”

Inside India’s Cybercrime Boom (ThreatMetrix, Aug 08 2017)
India’s digital transformation may be the closest thing to an overnight success the world has ever seen…As a nation’s online transaction volume grows, so does cybercrime….

6 Reactions to the Cisco 2017 Midyear Cybersecurity Report: Part 2 (Centrify Blog, Aug 08 2017)
“Last week, I discussed the first three reactions I had to the “Cisco 2017 Midyear Cybersecurity Report.” I discussed how vendor consolidation is increasing, how spyware is being branded as malware and how detection of threats is continuously improving.”…

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What’s the ROI on attribute-based access control? (CSO Online, Aug 07 2017)
Gebel (from Axiomatics) shares four misconceptions around ABAC and his truth to help readers understand differing opinions so that decision makers can find their truth, which is probably somewhere in the middle….

Hackers: Privileged Accounts Provide Fastest Access to Sensitive, Critical Data (Dark Reading, Aug 09 2017)
Thycotic’s Black Hat survey: nearly one third (32 percent) of respondents state that accessing privileged accounts was the number one choice for the easiest and fastest way to get access to critical data, followed closely by 27 percent indicating access to user email accounts was the easiest path to disclosing sensitive data….

The ABCs of Identity Management (CSO Online, Aug 09 2017)
What is identity management? Broadly speaking, identity management systems (also known as identity and access management, or IAM, systems) enable the……

Privileged Access Management: A Matrix Approach for Account Ranking and Prioritization (CyberArk, Aug 02 2017)
“…exactly which privileged accounts in an environment should be integrated first (e.g., application/infrastructure/personal accounts), and exactly how we should control each type of privileged account…”…