CISO View – The Week’s Best News – 2017.11.03

A Review of the Best News of the Week on CISO Views

Mischel Kwon Unplugged (Dark Reading, Nov 02 2017)
Security Pro File: Kwon talks about her tenure at DOJ and US-CERT, winning a WiFi antenna contest at DEF CON, voice lessons – and her brief stint as an industry ‘float princess.’

Stop Counting Vulnerabilities & Start Measuring Risk (Dark Reading, Oct 31 2017)
When security teams report on real risk, executive teams can gain a much better understanding of the company’s security posture.

Largest cybersecurity venture capital deals in 2017 (CSO Online, Nov 03 2017)
A look at venture capitalist firms that have invested $40 million or more into cybersecurity startups this year.

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Cybersecurity Budgets Across the Globe (CSO Online, Nov 02 2017)
A look at venture capitalist firms that have invested $40 million or more into cybersecurity startups this year.

Who Says Brilliant Security Engineers Can’t Be Amazing People Managers? (Dark Reading, Oct 31 2017)
Don’t let mid-career stagnation be an exit ramp from the cybersecurity industry. Use it as an opportunity to explore, and to deepen your enthusiasm.

Antimalware Day: Genesis of viruses… and computer defense techniques (WeLiveSecurity, Oct 31 2017)
On November 3, 1983, Frederick Cohen, a student at the engineering school of the University of Southern California (USC), was sure that a malicious program could be used to exploit any connected system, but he wondered how long it would take for the code to do so. He prepared a prototype…

The Future of Cybersecurity Part I: The Problem of Complexity (CSO Online, Oct 31 2017)
There is something that can be done about all this, but it is going to require that we think about this problem in a very different way. Isolated security devices and platforms guarding specific network access points may have been enough a decade ago (though that could be debated), but security tools today need to be able to work together as an integrated system designed to span and adapt to the network as it shifts and evolves.

Encryption is NOT going to end says Facebook anti-terror chief (The Sun, Nov 02 2017)
Brian Fishman, who leads a 150-strong team tasked with finding, monitoring and removing extremists and extremist material on Facebook, said that the UK government’s request to provide a backdoor into terrorists’ conversations would always fall on deaf ears.

Mr. Robot eps3.3_metadata.par2 – the security review (Naked Security – Sophos, Nov 02 2017)
We’re looking at how Mr Robot’s treatment of security stacked up in s3 e4

All Hail The Ambulance Chasers of Security (SecurityWeek, Nov 02 2017)
We’ve all seen this type of behavior rampantly, unfortunately. But have we thought about how it harms our industry? Let’s take a look at a few of the ways in which this behavior is harmful..

Cybersecurity Pros Can’t Keep Pace with Threat Landscape (Infosecurity Magazine, Nov 03 2017)
Most (54%) cybersecurity professionals believe the threat landscape is evolving faster than they can respond, with a lack of preparation and strategic thinking endemic…

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