A Review of the Best News of the Week on AI, IoT, & Mobile Security

As AI Advances, Here Are Five Tough Projects for 2018 (Wired, Dec 21 2017)
Have you talked to Siri or Alexa recently? Then you’ll know that despite the hype, and worried billionaires, there are many things that artificial intelligence still can’t do or understand. Here are five thorny problems that experts will be bending their brains against next year.

12 predictions for the IoT market in 2018 (IT Pro, Dec 13 2017)
1. IoT markets will consolidate and grow more integrated, 2. IoT-related privacy concerns will continue, but won’t slow adoption, 3. Technical barriers to IIoT will fade, but the talent gap will remain a hurdle, 4. 3G-driven IoT deployments will fade into obscurity, 5. Industrial uses of AR technology will gain ground, but will remain immature…and more

Google Tells Android Developers to Build Only 64-Bit Apps (eWEEK, Dec 20 2017)
Google will require Android developers to start providing 64-bit versions of their applications starting August 2019 as part of a broader effort to improve the performance and safety of Android apps.

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Researchers Made Google’s Image Recognition AI Mistake a Rifle For a Helicopter (Wired, Dec 20 2017)
To safeguard AI, we’re going to need to solve the problem of ‘adversarial examples.’

Security Worries? Let Policies Automate the Right Thing (Dark Reading, Dec 20 2017)
By programming ‘good’ cybersecurity practices, organizations can override bad behavior, reduce risk, and improve the bottom line.

Microsoft’s Modern Approach to Artificial Intelligence Grows (IT Pro, Dec 14 2017)
Microsoft shared details about how it is continuing to enhance its products and services using a modern approach to artificial intelligence.

Derisking the AI Worker (Forrester, Dec 21 2017)
Talking with defense companies, product development consultancies, POC teams with consortiums, and EY and they are all working on how to use AI to be the manager’s eyes and ears over their new AI workforce. Some think this is where the real business of AI will emerge to derisk AI.

Securing the internet of things will be no easy task (The Hill, Dec 26 2017)
A 2017 Gartner report boldly claims that “IoT security as a distinctive market is dead” due to the pace of innovation in this sector. We cannot take a patchwork approach to IoT security after devices are introduced to market; securing IoT devices before they can be used as entry points or vectors to attack other parts of cyber infrastructure is paramount to overall strong cybersecurity.

IBM releases 120+ code patterns, resources to accelerate IoT development (IT Pro, Dec 15 2017)
The curated packages of code, one-click GitHub repos, documentation and resources include patterns for blockchain, AI, containers and several IoT applications. Some IoT patterns include resources for developing an IoT application with Node-RED and Watson, building and monitoring an IoT-driven conveyor belt and detecting change points in IoT sensor data.

Krzanich Says Intel to focus on IoT, AI, 5G Wireless for Future Growth (eWEEK, Dec 20 2017)
Don’t expect Intel to slow down on its efforts to gain traction in such growth markets as artificial intelligence, machine learning, the internet of things (IoT), 5G wireless technologies and autonomous vehicles.

The time to deal with IoT security is now (Network World Security, Dec 20 2017)
Fredric Paul took the opportunity to ask Srini Vemula, global product management leader and security expert at SenecaGlobal, what’s really at risk as we hurtle toward 2020 and an estimated 20.4 billion connected devices.

Fake Bitcoin Wallet Apps Removed from Google Play (SecurityWeek, Dec 21 2017)
Three fake Bitcoin applications were recently removed from Google Play after security researchers discovered they were tricking users into sending funds to their developers, mobile security firm Lookout has discovered.

Apple iPhone Performance Throttling Results in Class Action Lawsuit (eWEEK, Dec 23 2017)
Apple has finally admitted what researchers have been saying for months, that iPhones are deliberately being slowed as they age, but the truth is more complicated than that.

Pyramid scheme: AnubisSpy Android malware steals data, seemingly links to old Sphinx campaign (SC Magazine, Dec 19 2017)
A newly discovered Android spyware that victimizes Arabic-speakers has been potentially linked to the 2014-15 Sphinx cyber espionage campaign, which was launched by the threat group APT-C-15 to target PC users in the Middle East.

Spanish research tool probes smartphone electromagnetic emissions for encryption keys (SC Magazine, Dec 21 2017)
Spanish researchers are developing a tool that will scan smartphones for ‘electromagnetic emanations’ that could be used to obtain encryption keys as part of an attack.

Four Vendors Lead in The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Mobility Management, Q4 2017 (Forrester, Dec 21 2017)
Forrester rleleased it’s Wave on Enterprise Mobility Management, Q4 2017 uses 26 criteria to evaluate the top 13 mobility management solutions on the market today.