A Review of the Best News of the Week on Cloud Security, DevOps, AppSec

Do COBOL Applications Have a Future? (DevOps Zone, Dec 21 2017)
For IT shops reliant on multi-decade back office (COBOL) applications, this concern is very valid. Understanding core logic is fundamental to transforming any business application to support new digital requirements.

Why One Second Matters for Today’s Application-Centric Businesses (DevOps.com, Dec 26 2017)
Consider this: Within 15 seconds of starting a script, an array of newly created containers can alter (or significantly impact) performance and/or quality of an organization’s applications—and its business. If those applications aren’t monitored within the same realm of speed at which the application is morphing, IT Ops won’t know about problems until unhappy customers start calling…

A Review of Google Cloud Platform in 2017 (Google Cloud Platform Blog, Dec 26 2017)
Google reviews some of the most memorable Google Cloud Platform (GCP) product announcements, white papers and how-tos, as judged by popularity with their readership.

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What is an Agile IT Organization? (DevOps.com, Dec 22 2017)
1. Bring new software/functionality to market quickly—all the way from idea to production.
2. Experiment first mindset. Cut big ideas into small projects (MVPs) and deliver iteratively.
3. Deliver experiences not just features.
4. Measure success in business impact, not IT KPIs. This applies to both the idea and the teams…and more

Businesses Go on Pre-Holiday Cloud Acquisition Spree (Dark Reading, Dec 21 2017)
VMware, McAfee, and Trend Micro announce a series of acquisitions that indicate a strong focus on cloud security.

Microsoft Hardens Windows Cloud Instances With AI-Enabled Controls (eWEEK, Dec 24 2017)
The new Adaptive Application Controls in Azure Security Center use artificial intelligence to automatically create and implement whitelists that help keep Windows instances secure.

Making Software Maintenance Cool Again with DevOps (DevOps.com, Dec 22 2017)
What makes DevOps so important? Part of the answer lies in how DevOps encourages more appreciation for and investment in software maintenance. Traditionally, the IT industry has been like the construction industry. People who design new things (architects or software developers) are at the top of the value hierarchy, whereas the folks who build and maintain them (construction workers and IT Ops admins) are not held in such high esteem.