A Review of the Best News of the Week on AI, IoT, & Mobile Security

Apple issues Spectre fix with iOS 11.2.2 update (Naked Security – Sophos, Jan 09 2018)
On January 8, Apple made available iOS 11.2.2, which includes a security update for Spectre, one of the CPU-level vulnerabilities making the headlines as of late.

The Internet of (Secure) Things Checklist (Dark Reading, Jan 04 2018)
Insecure devices put your company at jeopardy. Use this checklist to stay safer.

Ex-NSA hacker builds AI tool to hunt hate groups’ symbols online (Naked Security – Sophos, Jan 08 2018)
She’s teaching NEMESIS to find white nationalists’ so-called dog whistles – the Black Sun and Pepe the frog memes – with object recognition.

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Gartner Says Artificial Intelligence Is a Game Changer for Personal Devices (Gartner, Jan 08 2018)
Emotion artificial intelligence (AI) systems are becoming so sophisticated that Gartner, Inc. predicts that by 2022, personal devices will know more about an individual’s emotional state than his or her own family.

Why Artificial Intelligence Is Not Like Your Brain—Yet (Wired, Jan 03 2018)
Contrary to belief, Artificial Intelligence resembles the gray matter in your head about as much as a pull-string doll resembles a rocket scientist.

2018 Won’t See a Massive Productivity Boost From AI – 2019 Might Show It (Gartner Blog Network, Jan 04 2018)
Despite our massive investments in IT and other innovative areas, our economy (in fact most developed and to a lesser degree, emerging economies) show a distinct lack of improving productivity. In fact, in some areas and more recently, we have seen the rate of productivity actually decline.

Artificial Intelligence to listen for suicidal thoughts on social media (Naked Security – Sophos, Jan 04 2018)
Individuals won’t be identified. Nor will intervention be attempted. The aim is, rather, to proactively spot regional trends.

Microsoft Stresses Security, Responsible AI in Cloud Policy Updates (eWEEK, Jan 09 2018)
In the 2018 update to its A Cloud for Global Good policy road map, Microsoft calls attention to nation-state attackers and the growing influence of Artificial Intelligence on society.

NIST looks to private sector for help securing IoT devices (FederalNewsRadio, Jan 03 2018)
NIST will soon start hosting events to exchange ideas on methods and technologies to ensure Internet of Things devices are secure.

IoT Lab | Maker Safety, Part 2 (Gartner Blog Network, Jan 08 2018)
“Part 1 focused on understanding that risk is different in the workplace than it is in the enthusiast or hobby world, and tried to explore resources for understanding and addressing that gap. Here in part 2, I want to identify some of the safety measures I use.”

In Mobile, It’s Back to the Future (Dark Reading, Jan 03 2018)
The mobile industry keeps pushing forward while overlooking some security concerns of the past.

Google Pay Becoming Cloud Giant’s Single Payment Service Brand (eWEEK, Jan 09 2018)
Google Pay will become the cloud services company’s consolidated payment services for mobile, in app and in-store purchases in the coming weeks.

Apps Disguised as Security Tools Bombard Users With Ads and Track Users’ Location (Trend Micro, Jan 03 2018)
In early December 2017, we found a total of 36 apps on Google Play that executed unwanted behavior. These apps posed as useful security tools under the names Security Defender, Security Keeper, Smart Security, Advanced Boost, and more. They also advertised a variety of capabilities: scanning, cleaning junk, saving battery, cooling the CPU, locking apps, as well as message security, WiFi security, and so on.

Google Patches Multiple Critical, High Risk Vulnerabilities in Android (SecurityWeek, Jan 03 2018)
Google patched several Critical and High severity vulnerabilities as part of its Android Security Bulletin for January 2018.