AI, IoT, & Mobile Security – The Week’s Best News – 2018.04.24

A Review of the Best News of the Week on AI, IoT, & Mobile Security

Leveraging AI to protect users and the web (Google Online Security Blog, Apr 20 2018)
Our first talk provided a concise overview of how we apply AI to fraud and abuse problems. Our second talk looked at attacks on ML models themselves and the ongoing effort to develop new defenses.

First Public Demo of Data Breach via IoT Hack Comes to RSAC (Dark Reading, Apr 19 2018)
At RSA Conference, Senrio researchers will show how relatively unskilled attackers can steal personally identifiable information without coming into contact with endpoint security tools.

iOS Trustjacking – A Dangerous New iOS Vulnerability (Symantec, Apr 24 2018)
This vulnerability exploits an iOS feature called iTunes Wi-Fi sync, which allows a user to manage their iOS device without physically connecting it to their computer.

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Open-source library for improving security of AI systems (Help Net Security, Apr 18 2018)
IBM researchers have created the Adversarial Robustness Toolbox, an open-source library to help researchers improve the defenses of real-world AI systems.

Harnessing AI to combat fraud and abuse: part 1 — why AI is the key to robust defenses (Elie Bursztein – Google, Apr 19 2018)
This post explains why artificial intelligence (AI) is the key to building anti-abuse defenses that keep up with user expectations and combat increasingly sophisticated attacks. This is the first post of a series of four posts dedicated to provide a concise overview of how to harness AI to build robust anti-abuse protections.

Challenges faced while training an AI to combat abuse (Elie Bursztein – Google, Apr 23 2018)
This is the second post of a series of four that is dedicated to provide a concise overview of how to harness AI to build robust anti-abuse protections.

Microsoft Bets on AI, Linux to Block Advanced Security Threats (eWEEK, Apr 18 2018)
Released on April 16, Secure Score assesses an organization’s security posture and generates a security benchmark score, helping administrators zero in on the technical controls that will help protect users and their data. Using machine learning, the tool allows users to compare how they rank to similar organizations.

Google’s New AI Head Is So Smart He Doesn’t Need AI (Wired, Apr 18 2018)
Colleagues joke that Jeff Dean increased the speed of light. Now he’s charged with taking Google’s artificial-intelligence efforts in new directions.

#RSAC: Panel Discussion on the Role of Machine Learning & AI in Cyber (Infosecurity Magazine, Apr 19 2018)
Exploring machine learning and artificial intelligence in the current cyber landscape

Trend Micro Analyzes Writing Style to Detect Email Fraud (SecurityWeek, Apr 23 2018)
Trend Micro unveiled a new capability that allows its products to identify email fraud attempts by using a writing style analysis system powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Anti-I: The Future of AI-Generated Malware (IBM Security Intelligence, Apr 24 2018)
What else could AI be used for? It could, in theory, learn to write its own code, construct its own algorithms, correct its own mathematical proofs and write better programs than its human designers.

Doctors at RSA simulate emergency overdose caused by hacked medical pump (SC Magazine, Apr 19 2018)
Doctors at RSA on Thursday presented a riveting simulation of a health care emergency caused by a medical device hack — showing that physicians’ trust in the integrity of their equipment can be misplaced.

RSA 2018: IoT security comes of age (WeLiveSecurity, Apr 20 2018)
The Internet of Things (IoT) has long been a game of rush-to-market, with production speed trumping security in the stampede. Now, with a swarm of devices – often under-defended – the RSA show floor is rife with vendors aiming to help secure it all.

FDA plans to improve medical device cybersecurity (Help Net Security, Apr 23 2018)
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plans to tackle security issues related to medical devices and has released a plan of action it means to implement in the near future.

DHS Helps Shop Android IPS Prototype (Dark Reading, Apr 18 2018)
A MITRE-developed intrusion prevention system for mobile technology is showcased at the RSA Conference.

Google in hot water over privacy of Android apps for kids (Naked Security – Sophos, Apr 19 2018)
Large numbers of child-centred Android apps may be breaking US law.

RSA Conference has a leaky app… again! (Naked Security – Sophos, Apr 20 2018)
Cybersecurity conferences don’t always practise what they preach.

Opera Shutting Down its VPN for iOS, Android (PCMag, Apr 18 2018)
The browser maker is permanently shuttering Opera VPN for iOS and Android on April 30, but is offering users deals on the SurfEasy VPN it acquired in 2015.

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