A Review of the Best News of the Week on AI, IoT, & Mobile Security

Artificial Intelligence: A Question Of Principles? (Forbes, Jun 12 2018)
Google’s declaration of principles for AI is a short but carefully worded text covering the main issues related to the uses of its technology. I would recommend reading the document, given that it raises many about the future and the rules we will need to guide us as it evolves.

Using AI for Evil (ThreatVector, Jun 12 2018)
Here are the possible steps that adversaries may take to build their own AI…

New iPhone OS May Include Device-Unlocking Security (Schneier on Security, Jun 12 2018)
iOS 12, the next release of Apple’s iPhone operating system, may include features to prevent someone from unlocking your phone without your permission.

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Google: We won’t cause “overall harm” with our AI (Naked Security – Sophos, Jun 11 2018)
After the Project Maven-inspired employee revolt, Google has released a set of AI principles and said it’s withdrawing from the contract.

I, for One, Welcome Our Robotic Security Overlords (Dark Reading, Jun 05 2018)
Automation will come in more subtle ways than C-3PO – and it’s transforming cybersecurity.

#Infosec18: Machine Learning Doesn’t Mean AI or End of Humans (Infosecurity Magazine, Jun 06 2018)
The introduction of AI and machine learning should not mean a decision of man or machine, but one of man and machine

Norman the AI bot reads Reddit, becomes “psychopath” (Naked Security – Sophos, Jun 07 2018)
A psycho bot who’s been trained on Reddit images saw a guy getting pulled into a dough machine. That’s what a bit too much exposure to the darkest subreddits will do to a bot, evidently – there’s nothing quite like an r/ dedicated to watching people die to mangle your wetware.

Businesses should embrace AI or face stagnation (Help Net Security, Jun 08 2018)
If companies fail to make artificial intelligence (AI) a core competency within the next five years, they will face either stagnation or elimination.

Commentary: Washington Needs to Adopt AI Soon or We’ll Lose Millions (Fortune, Jun 12 2018)
AI is the path to a more efficient and effective government.

Microsoft program provides a decade of updates for Windows IoT devices (TechCrunch, Jun 06 2018)
If you have an essential Internet of Things device running Windows 10 IoT Core Service, you don’t want to be worried about security and OS patches over a period of years. Microsoft wants to help customers running these kinds of devices with a new program that guarantees 10 years of updates.

Protecting consumers from mobile and IoT threats (Help Net Security, Jun 12 2018)
Mobile and Internet of Things continue to be primary attack vectors, contributing to a spike in cryptojacking, adware, and DDoS attacks

Security Vulnerabilities: A Threat to Automotive Innovation (SecurityWeek, Jun 12 2018)
There are two areas of concern that should be addressed by the industry. The first is the risk of physical safety. The second area of risk that requires increased attention is personal data privacy.

Passwords are Big News at Apple’s Developer Conference (LastPass, Jun 05 2018)
The newest iPhone OS – iOS 12 – will include a password manager API to automatically autofill passwords in apps and websites in Safari.

Google Patches 11 Critical Android Bugs in June Update (Threatpost, Jun 06 2018)
Remote code execution vulnerabilities dominate this month’s critical Android patches.

Mueller asking witnesses to turn over personal phones, scrutinizing encrypted apps (SC Magazine, Jun 07 2018)
The special counsel’s request seems to be aimed at encrypted messages via Signal, WhatsApp, Confide and Dust.

Apple’s Plans to Bring Artificial Intelligence to Your Phone (Wired, Jun 06 2018)
New tools for developers make it easier to integrate machine learning into apps; it’s like training wheels for AI.

US to Lift Sanctions Against ZTE (After it Pays $1.4B) (PCMag, Jun 07 2018)
ZTE will pay the US government a $1.4 billion penalty and replace the company’s leadership with a new team, but the deal has angered some US lawmakers.

Android users: Beware these popularity-faking tricks on Google Play (WeLiveSecurity, Jun 11 2018)
Tricksters have been misleading users about the functionality of apps by displaying bogus download numbers

Tens of thousands of Android devices are leaving their debug port exposed (Graham Cluley, Jun 11 2018)
Countless Android devices are leaving themselves open to attack after being shipped with a critical port left unsecured.