A Review of the Best News of the Week on Cybersecurity Management & Strategy

Wawa Stores Plagued by Malware Since March (Infosecurity Magazine, Dec 20 2019)
Malware has been stealing credit card info from Wawa customers for 9 months

F5 Pays $1 Billion for Shape (Dark Reading, Dec 20 2019)
The acquisition adds fraud detection and prevention to the application delivery company’s tool collection.

Cybersecurity Experts Are Leaving the Federal Government. That’s a Problem. (NY Times, Dec 20 2019)
Cybersecurity Experts Are Leaving the Federal Government. That’s a Problem.  The New York Times

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Zynga Breach Hit 173 Million Accounts (Infosecurity Magazine, Dec 23 2019)
September incident compromised emails and logins

The Worst Hacks of the Decade (Wired, Dec 23 2019)
Over the last decade, hacking became less of a novelty and more of a fact of life for billions of people around the world. Regular people lost control of their data, faced invasive surveillance from repressive regimes, had their identities stolen, realized a stranger was lurking on their Netflix account, dealt with government-imposed internet blackouts, or, for the first time ever, literally found themselves caught in the middle of a destructive cyberwar.

2020 & Beyond: The Evolution of Cybersecurity (Dark Reading, Dec 23 2019)
As new technologies disrupt the industry, remember that security is a process, not a goal. Educate yourself on how you can best secure your corner of the Web.

New Orleans to Boost Cyber Insurance to $10M Post-Ransomware (Dark Reading, Dec 20 2019)
Mayor LaToya Cantrell anticipates the recent cyberattack to exceed its current $3 million cyber insurance policy.

Patch Management: How to Prioritize an Underserved Vulnerability (Dark Reading, Dec 19 2019)
Why is one of the biggest problems in cybersecurity also one that CISOs largely ignore? Here are three reasons and a road map to a modern approach.

7 signs your cybersecurity is doomed to fail in 2020 (Help Net Security, Dec 20 2019)
While most enterprises have come to terms with the fact that a security incident is not a factor of “if,” but rather “when,” many are still struggling to translate this into the right security architecture and mindset. FireEye’s Cyber Trendscape 2020 report found that the majority (51%) of organizations do not believe they are ready or would respond well to a cyberattack or data breach.

2020 Predictions: Ransomware (SC Magazine, Dec 23 2019)
Refusing to pay can cost even more as Norwegian aluminum maker Norsk Hydro learned when they spent $58m in the first half of 2019 to remediate the ransomware attack they experienced in March. The company’s Q1 profit also fell 82% due to production downtime caused by the attack.

2019 Mergers and acquisitions (SC Magazine, Dec 20 2019)
A list of some of the 2019 transactions