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Predictions 2020: Infrastructure and Ops Trends to Watch in 2020 (DevOps, Dec 24 2019)
Today, modernizing systems is more than simply moving technology to a new location. It requires an IT stack of a new generation of technologies and tools to work.

School software vendor Active Network suffers data breach (SC Magazine, Dec 30 2019)
Acitve Network’s Blue Bear Software platform reported that unauthorized activity in its network earlier this year resulted in customer PII being exposed. The company reported the issue to the California Attorney General’s office stating it recently became aware that between Oct. 1, 2019 and Nov. 13, 2019 there was illegal activity taking place…

Top 6 Software Testing Trends to Look Out in 2020 (DZone DevOps Zone, Dec 24 2019)
Some of the growing software testing trends that will continue to dominate in 2020, like AI and IoT in testing and increased automation testing in teams.

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Conquering the Cyber Security Challenges of the Cloud (“cybersecurity” – Google News, Dec 31 2019)
While CSPs provide a certain level of security for their cloud services, organizations need to be aware of their security obligations and deploy the necessary security controls. This requires organizations to understand and address the many security challenges presented by the complex and heterogeneous aspects of the cloud environment.

The Need For Container Registries in DevOps (DZone DevOps Zone, Dec 26 2019)
Container registries that store container images help increase developer productivity and increase development speed with cloud-native and Kubernetes.

Predictions 2020: The Year of DevOps Empowerment (DevOps, Dec 23 2019)
Every year since mid-decade, it seems, one publication or another has declared it to be “the year of DevOps.” Allow me to make the case that it really will happen in 2020.

Running Kubernetes at Scale Top 2020 Challenge (Container Journal, Dec 24 2019)
As IT organizations that have adopted Kubernetes head into 2020, their next big challenge will be deploying Kubernetes clusters at scale.