A Review of the Best News of the Week on Identity Management & Web Fraud

Why a Steak in California Comes With a Privacy Notice (VICE, Jan 07 2020)
Under California’s new privacy law, even brick and mortar companies have to make it clear you can opt out of having your personal data sold.

Facebook Revamps Its Privacy Checkup Feature in Time for CES (Wired, Jan 07 2020)
Forget Portal. This year, Facebook is marketing itself as a privacy crusader.

China facial-recognition case puts Big Brother on trial (Yahoo News, Jan 08 2020)
Facial-recognition technology has become embedded in China, from airports to hotels, e-commerce sites and even public toilets, but a law professor had enough when asked to scan his face at a safari park. Guo Bing took the wildlife park to court, raising the temperature in a growing debate about privacy

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CCPA Kickoff: What Businesses Need to Know (Dark Reading, Jan 02 2020)
The California Consumer Privacy Act is in full effect, prompting organizations to think about how they’ll remain compliant.

What California’s New Privacy Law Means for You (VICE, Jan 02 2020)
The CCPA is America’s first big internet privacy law, designed to give power back to consumers.

CES 2020: Ring will add privacy and security Control Center to mobile app this month, adds new hardware to its lineup (ZDNet, Jan 07 2020)
Ring adds new smart lighting products, promises more privacy features in its mobile app.

Facial recognition hardware to reach over 800 million devices by 2024 (Help Net Security, Jan 07 2020)
A new report from Juniper Research found that facial recognition hardware, such as Face ID on recent iPhones, will be the fastest growing form of smartphone biometric hardware. This means it will reach over 800 million in 2024, compared to an estimated 96 million in 2019.

Apple Is Scanning Your Photos (Infosecurity Magazine, Jan 08 2020)
Apple is scanning photos uploaded to the iCloud for evidence of illegal activities

Client-Side JavaScript Risks & the CCPA (Dark Reading, Jan 06 2020)
How California’s new privacy law increases the liability for securing Web-facing user data, and what enterprises can do to mitigate their risk.

Simple steps to protect yourself against identity theft (WeLiveSecurity, Jan 02 2020)
As we enter the New Year, be sure to keep up, or adopt, these good data security habits to avoid identity theft

Tech Ops Exec Pleads Guilty in $6m Fraud Case (Infosecurity Magazine, Jan 07 2020)
Kabbaj was defrauding his employer by issuing invoices in the name of a shell company he created, Interactive Systems, for fictitious products and services such as firewalls and servers, according to the Department of Justice.

Richard Branson Gets Animated Over Online Scams (Infosecurity Magazine, Jan 07 2020)
Virgin founder releases animated guide to spotting scams