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Before Clearview Became a Police Tool, It Was a Plaything of the Rich (NYT, Mar 05 2020)
Investors and clients of the facial recognition start-up freely used the app on dates and at parties — and to spy on the public.

This Small Company Is Turning Utah Into a Surveillance Panopticon (Vice, Mar 05 2020)
Banjo is applying artificial intelligence to government-owned surveillance and traffic cameras across the entire state of Utah to tell police about “anomalies.”

T-Mobile Notifying Customers of Data Breach (SecurityWeek, Mar 05 2020)
Wireless carrier T-Mobile is sending notifications to its customers to inform them of a data breach that resulted in some of their personal information being compromised

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NCSC Updates Guidance to Tackle Smart Camera Hijacking (Infosecurity Magazine, Mar 04 2020)
IoT devices at risk from remote hackers, warns GCHQ arm

Hackers Can Clone Millions of Toyota, Hyundai, and Kia Keys (Wired, Mar 05 2020)
Encryption flaws in a common anti-theft feature expose vehicles from major manufacturers .

IoT Security Firm Ordr Increases Funding to $50 Million (SecurityWeek, Mar 06 2020)
Kaiser Permanente Ventures and Mayo Clinic Invest in Enterprise IoT Security Firm

Android anti-virus products put to the test – which are the best at stopping new malicious apps? (Graham Cluley, Mar 10 2020)
If there’s one clear message you can take away from the latest real-world test of Android security products, it’s that relying upon Google to protect your smartphone isn’t really good enough.

US Lawmakers Told of Security Risks From China-owned TikTok (SecurityWeek, Mar 04 2020)
US officials on Wednesday stepped up warnings about the potential security risks from the fast-growing, Chinese-owned TikTok as a lawmaker unveiled legislation to ban the social media app from government devices.

Hackers using hidden mobile apps and unique distribution methods to target consumers (Help Net Security, Mar 06 2020)
Hackers are using hidden mobile apps, third-party login and counterfeit gaming videos to target consumers, according to McAfee.

Run ANDROID on an iPhone? Are you SERIOUS?!? (Naked Security – Sophos, Mar 06 2020)
It’s true – Android on an iPhone. OK, a few things don’t work yet… such as sound. And the phone bit.

China’s TikTok Lures ADP Security Chief to Become New CISO (SecurityWeek, Mar 05 2020)
ADP Security Chief Roland Cloutier Departs to Become Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at China-owned TikTok

One billion Android smartphones racking up security flaws (Naked Security – Sophos, Mar 09 2020)
How long do Android devices continue to receive security updates after they’re purchased? The answer is: barely two years.

Phone carriers may soon be forced to adopt anti-robocall tech (Naked Security – Sophos, Mar 10 2020)
US carriers haven’t been doing enough to block robocalls voluntarily. The Federal Communications Commission’s response? Fine – we’ll make you.