Identity Mgt & Web Fraud – The Week’s Best News – 2020.06.11

A Review of the Best News of the Week on Identity Management & Web Fraud

Amazon Won’t Let Police Use Its Facial-Recognition Tech for One Year (Wired, Jun 10 2020)
Amid nationwide protests over police brutality, the company is stopping law enforcement from using its most controversial product.

Apple Releases Open Source Password Manager Resources (SecurityWeek, Jun 08 2020)
Apple has announced the availability of a series of open source tools designed to foster collaboration between password manager developers.

New Research: “Privacy Threats in Intimate Relationships” (Schneier on Security, Jun 05 2020)
“Those closest to us know the answers to our secret questions, have access to our devices, and can exercise coercive power over us. We survey a range of intimate relationships and describe their common features. Based on these features, we explore implications for both technical privacy design and policy, and offer design recommendations for ameliorating intimate privacy risks.”

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How Covid-19 Contact Tracing Works on Your Phone (Wired, Jun 07 2020)
Developers are working on track-and-trace systems to keep infection levels low. The apps aren’t here yet, but here’s what they do—and how you can enable them.

IBM Quits Facial Recognition Over Rights Concerns (Infosecurity Magazine, Jun 09 2020)
Open letter to Congress warns of biased use of AI

We Asked 43 Facial Recognition Companies if They’ll Refuse to Work With Cops (VICE, Jun 11 2020)
After IBM and Amazon pulled access to its facial recognition software from law enforcement, we asked other companies that advertise the technology if they’ll follow suit.

The Privacy & Security Outlook for Businesses Post-COVID-19 (Dark Reading, Jun 05 2020)
Long-term business needs — and the ethical implications that result — don’t simply go away just because we’re navigating a global health crisis.

A Country in Crisis: Data Privacy in the US (Infosecurity Magazine, Jun 05 2020)
In today’s data-driven environment, it seems not a day goes by without hearing of a data breach or leak

Fraudulent iOS VPN Apps Attempt to Scam Users (Infosecurity Magazine, Jun 04 2020)
Avast warns of ‘fleeceware’ apps on Apple App Store

Signal Adds Face Blurring Tool to Protect User Privacy (SecurityWeek, Jun 05 2020)
Privacy-focused communications application Signal this week announced a new feature meant to enhance user privacy amid social turmoil in the United States: a blur tool.

CPA Canada Breach Hits Over 300,000 Accountants (Infosecurity Magazine, Jun 08 2020)
Personal information stolen after website is compromised

New HMRC SMS Phishing Scam Targets Self-Employed Workers (Infosecurity Magazine, Jun 09 2020)
Griffin Law uncovers new scam designed to steal data from SEISS users during COVID-19 pandemic

House police reform bill includes face recognition provisions (SC Media, Jun 08 2020)
Tucked into the police reform bill introduced by the House today are provisions for using body cameras along with a cursory rebuff of facial recognition, prompting privacy advocates to call for legislators to clarify that the technology should only be used for accountability, not surveillance. “Any reform legislation should make clear that face recognition cannot…

Facebook Sues 12 Fraudulent Domain Names (SecurityWeek, Jun 09 2020)
Facebook on Monday announced that it filed a lawsuit in Virginia against 12 domain names for their deceiving behavior.

IBM asks Congress for police reform, leaves facial recognition business (Ars Technica, Jun 09 2020)
IBM wants Congress to act “in pursuit of justice and racial equity,” CEO wrote.

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