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Does TikTok Really Pose a Risk to US National Security? (Wired, Jul 17 2020)
Concerns about the Chinese government shouldn’t be dismissed, experts say. But banning TikTok would be a drastic measure.

Vulnerable Cellular Routers Targeted in Latest Attacks on Israel Water Facilities (SecurityWeek, Jul 21 2020)
A threat actor believed to be working for the Iranian government recently launched another round of attacks on Israel’s water sector, and a source tells SecurityWeek that the attackers used vulnerable cellular equipment as a point of entry.

Stay on the Cutting Edge of Mobile Security (Dark Reading, Jul 15 2020)
Here are some of the mobile-focused Briefings, Trainings, and Arsenal tools that will be explored at Black Hat USA.

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Businesses express concerns around ethical risks for their AI initiatives (Help Net Security, Jul 15 2020)
Businesses are entering a new chapter in AI implementation where early adopters may have to work harder to preserve an edge over their industry peers, according to Deloitte. The study shows that companies at the top will be those that utilize AI to pursue creative and novel applications, actively address inherent AI risks and — as more organizations buy AI-powered capabilities — become smarter consumers of AI technology.

A New Gadget Stops Voice Assistants From Snooping on You (Wired, Jul 16 2020)
Meet LeakyPick, the low-cost audio spy detector for your Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and other network-connected devices.

New wave of attacks aiming to rope home routers into IoT botnets (Help Net Security, Jul 17 2020)
A Trend Micro research is warning consumers of a major new wave of attacks attempting to compromise their home routers for use in IoT botnets. The report urges users to take action to stop their devices from enabling this criminal activity. The importance of home routers for IoT botnets There has been a recent spike in attacks targeting and leveraging routers, particularly around Q4 2019.

Government Promises IoT Security Enforcement Body (Infosecurity Magazine, Jul 17 2020)
New organization will have power to ban insecure consumer gadgets

Insecure IoT devices could be banned and destroyed if they fail to meet UK security standards (Graham Cluley, Jul 17 2020)
IoT devices could be banned from sale and destroyed if they fail to meet basic security standards, according to proposals put forward by the UK Government.

What Organizations Need to Know About IoT Supply Chain Risk (Dark Reading, Jul 20 2020)
Here are some factors organizations should consider as they look to limit the risk posed by risks like Ripple20.

Is TikTok out of time? Experts mull implications of ban (SC Media, Jul 14 2020)
Edicts by Wells Fargo, India and the U.S. military forbidding use of popular Chinese video-sharing app TikTok, may portend a national ban and raise questions if such a prohibition would be practical and enforceable, and what the greater implications would be.

Mobile security threats amid COVID‑19 and beyond: A Q&A with Lukas Stefanko (WeLiveSecurity, Jul 15 2020)
ESET malware researcher Lukas Stefanko gives us a peek behind the scenes of his analysis of CryCryptor ransomware and puts the threat into a broader context

8 Signs of a Smartphone Hack (Dark Reading, Jul 16 2020)
A rapidly dwindling battery life or sudden spike in data usage could indicate your iOS or Android device has been compromised.