AI, IoT, & Mobile Security – The Week’s Best News – 2020.09.29

A Review of the Best News of the Week on AI, IoT, & Mobile Security

Security software for autonomous vehicles (ScienceDaily, Sep 16 2020)
Before autonomous vehicles participate in road traffic, they must demonstrate conclusively that they do not pose a danger to others. New software prevents accidents by predicting different variants of a traffic situation every millisecond.

WannaCry Has IoT in Its Crosshairs (Dark Reading, Sep 25 2020)
The wide variety of devices attached to the Internet of Things offers a rich target for purveyors of ransomware.

When coffee makers are demanding a ransom, you know IoT is screwed (Ars Technica, Sep 26 2020)
Watch along as hacked machine grinds, beeps, and spews water.

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How to Secure the Enterprise of Things (eWEEK, Sep 28 2020)
As highly connected, virtual organizations boost productivity, they also increase cyber risk. Find out how the modern enterprise is changing–and how to best protect the network amid these shifts.

Unprotected Server Leaks Data of Microsoft Bing Mobile App Users (SecurityWeek, Sep 22 2020)
WizCase experts have identified an unprotected Elasticsearch server that contained terabytes of data pertaining to users of Microsoft’s Bing mobile application.

Iranian Government Hacking Android (Schneier on Security, Sep 24 2020)
The New York Times wrote about a still-unreleased report from Chckpoint and the Miaan Group: The reports, which were reviewed by The New York Times in advance of their release, say that the hackers have successfully infiltrated what were thought to be secure mobile phones and computers belonging to the targets, overcoming obstacles created by encrypted applications such as Telegram and, according to Miaan, even gaining access to information on WhatsApp. Both are popular messaging tools in Iran.

The Android 11 Privacy and Security Features You Should Know (Wired, Sep 27 2020)
Many of the updates to Google’s mobile OS are behind the scenes—but they can help you control your app permissions and keep your data safe.

Ivanti Adds VPN and MDM Technolgies in Double Acquisition (Infosecurity Magazine, Sep 28 2020)
Ivanti announces acquisition of MobileIron and Pulse Secure

A Police Charity Bought an iPhone Hacking Tool and Gave it to Cops (VICE, Sep 28 2020)
Private companies such as Target fund police foundations, which then purchase technology for police departments.

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