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Waze Vuln. Lets Attackers Track and Identify Users (Infosecurity Magazine, Oct 19 2020)
Flaw in traffic-dodging app allows threat actors to track users and find out where they are going

Hackers Claim to Have Access to 50,000 Home Security Cameras (Infosecurity Magazine, Oct 14 2020)
Video clips have already ended up on adult sites

IoT Security Foundation unveils online platform to help IoT vendors report and manage vulerabilities (Help Net Security, Oct 19 2020)
An online platform designed to help IoT vendors receive, assess, manage and mitigate vulnerability reports has been launched by the IoT Security Foundation (IoTSF). VulnerableThings.com aims to simplify the reporting and management of vulnerabilities whilst helping IoT vendors comply with new consumer IoT security standards and regulations. As the first globally applicable standard for consumer IoT cybersecurity, the new ETSI EN 303 645 specification requires IoT vendors…

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Scientists voice concerns, call for transparency and reproducibility in AI research (ScienceDaily, Oct 14 2020)
Scientist challenge scientific journals to hold computational researchers to higher standards of transparency, and call for their colleagues to share their code, models and computational environments in publications.

Thousands of infected IoT devices used in for-profit anonymity service (Ars Technica, Oct 16 2020)
Interplanetary Storm uses P2P networking, mostly in devices running Android.

A New Risk Vector: The Enterprise of Things (Dark Reading, Oct 19 2020)
Billions of devices — including security cameras, smart TVs, and manufacturing equipment — are largely unmanaged and increase an organization’s risk.

Apple Is Poaching From Google’s iPhone Hacking Team (VICE, Oct 14 2020)
The company from Cupertino is hiring researchers who specialize in hacking iOS for other companies.

Google shuts down Trusted Contacts, its emergency location sharing app (Ars Technica, Oct 19 2020)
The app would let loved ones ping your location if they were worried about you.