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Is TikTok a harmless app or a threat to U.S. security? – 60 Minutes (CBS News, Nov 15 2020)
Is TikTok a harmless app or a threat to U.S. security? – 60 Minutes

DARPA and Academia Jumpstart 5G IoT Security Efforts (Dark Reading, Nov 12 2020)
With 5G IoT devices projected to hit 49 million units by 2023, researchers launch programs to keep IoT from becoming a blackhole of exfiltration.

System brings deep learning to ‘internet of things’ devices (ScienceDaily, Nov 13 2020)
A new system brings machine learning to microcontrollers. The advance could enhance the function and security of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).

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What if the machine decides to defraud you? (Medium, Nov 17 2020)
Innovative financial business models in fintech provide progressive products and services which make our everyday lives easier, by transacting our actions on the go.

Amazon begins shifting Alexa’s cloud AI to its own silicon (Ars Technica, Nov 13 2020)
The amazon-designed Inferentia chips reduced cost and latency in text-to-speech.

How IoT insecurity impacts global organizations (Help Net Security, Nov 13 2020)
As the Internet of Things becomes more and more part of our lives, the security of these devices is imperative, especially because attackers have wasted no time and are continuously targeting them. Chen Ku-Chieh, an IoT cyber security analyst with the Panasonic Cyber Security Lab, is set to talk about the company’s physical honeypot and about the types of malware they managed to discover

WhatsApp Using Up Your Phone Storage? Here’s How to Fix It (Wired, Nov 11 2020)
It’s time to do something about those photos and videos automatically saving to your camera roll.