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Trojan Shield: How the FBI Secretly Ran a Phone Network for Criminals (VICE, Jun 07 2021)
New court records detail how the FBI turned encrypted phone company ‘Anom’ into a honeypot for organized crime.

Hacker’s guide to deep-learning side-channel attacks: code walkthrough (Elie on Internet Security and Privacy., Jun 05 2021)
Learn how to perform a deep-learning side-channels attack using TensorFlow to recover AES cryptographic keys from a hardware device power traces, step by step.

She Sent Her iPhone to Apple. Repair Techs Uploaded Her Nudes to Facebook (VICE, Jun 08 2021)
Apple paid a woman millions to prevent a lawsuit, but it could have avoided all of this if she’d just been able to repair her own phone.

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Machine learning can protect companies from phishing, mobile threats, and plant breakdowns (SC Media, Jun 07 2021)
Today’s columnist, Randy Richard of Kaspersky, says that the broader universe of Android apps makes them vulnerable to attackers. Richard maintains that machine learning tools can detect and block these malicious apps.

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Microsoft Buys ReFirm Labs to Drive IoT Security Efforts (Dark Reading, Jun 02 2021)
The acquisition will bring ReFirm’s firmware analysis capabilities alongside Microsoft’s Azure Defender for IoT to boost device security.

Enterprise Mobile Security Startup Hypori Raises $20 Million (SecurityWeek, Jun 03 2021)
Enterprise mobile security company Hypori this week announced it raised $20 million in a Series A funding round led by GreatPoint Ventures (GPV). To date, the company raised $33.9 million.

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